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Family Support


Family Support provides advocacy, ongoing emotional support and information about local services for children with a developmental disability. The Family Support Worker, along with the family or caregiver, will develop an action plan specifically focussed on the needs of the child and their family.


The Family Support office is based at Community Living London and consultations are also available at the Carling-Thames Family Centre in northeast London (335 Belfield Street) and at the White Oaks Family Centre (565 Bradley Avenue).


If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services contact Community Living London’s Fee For Service Supervisor at 519-686-3000 ext. 396 or

How Does Family Support Work?

Our Family Support Workers can answer questions and assist families with concerns about education, funding sources, future planning, parenting programs and support groups, respite programs and community supports.

Contact the Family Support Services team directly. A Family Support Worker will follow up to gather further information that is required to form the foundation of a support plan.

What Are The Benefits of Family Support?

Family Support offers a coordinated access point to guide you through the “system”. Our helpful and knowledgeable Family Support Workers are qualified to offer advice based on individual family needs.

They connect regularly with other professionals in the community such as teachers, early childhood educators and program providers. As a member of these strong community networks, Family Support Workers can effectively advocate with families.


Family Support offers Sibling Workshops called Sibshops -These workshops are designed specifically for children and youth (aged 6-8 and 9-12 years old) who have a sibling with special needs. They provide an opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters in a casual atmosphere and to participate in recreational and therapeutic activities. Sibshops also provide an opportunity to share stories, feelings, concerns and experiences with peers who truly understand the ups and downs of life with a sibling with developmental or physical challenges.

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