Re-Opening Update: Posted July 27 2021

Community Living London continues to navigate through the re-opening of many of our non-essential services following all protocols and directives from MCCSS and the local Health Units. We understand the impact that the closure has had on people supported and families and want to open supports as soon as we are able.
As an agency we are struggling to secure adequate staffing due to staff who continue to be on leave and those who continue to be restricted from working at more than one developmental service agency. Currently MCCSS also restricts people who live in congregate care to only participate in day supports in cohorts of 5 people or less and this number includes people supported and staff. Based on our current staffing and location spaces, we are unable to accommodate this requirement. We are hopeful that the new MCCSS guidelines will increase the number of people per cohort which will allow CLL to begin to bring people from CLL accommodation services back to our Access Centre supports
As these restrictions are lifted, if staff are able to return from leave, and MCCSS directives allow for expanded day service cohorts, we are hopeful that we will begin to slowly bring people back to our Access Centres. We are also aware of people waiting for staff to provide supports based in the community through our In-Home Fee For Service Supports. As restrictions are lifted and staff return from leave we will be able to begin to slowly start to offer in home supports as well.
Overnight Respite supports is another area that we are hopeful to be able to open up as restrictions are eased/lifted and staffing continues to improve across the agency. We are hopeful that offering much needed respite for families will once again become a reality in the coming months.
We appreciate your patience and please know we are doing everything possible to work towards expanded Community Service and Respite supports. All protocols are in place and once we receive updated directives from MCCSS, we will reach out to all people supported.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the relevant Management staff below.
Thank you.
• Laurie Baker, Manager of Community Services at
• Barb Furac, Supervisor Adelaide Access at
• Heather Burns, Supervisor Ford Access and Horton Access at
• Sandy Wilson, Supervisor of The Hub at
• Amy Verberne, Supervisor Respite Services at

Survey For Families, Support Staff and Service Providers: to aid in the possible development of a new resource lending program for children

Good afternoon,

Community Living London has heard that families of children with developmental disabilities between the ages of 7-15 are interested in accessing supports and resources that offer opportunities for socializing, skill development and learning.  CLL would like to gather additional information as we explore the feasibility of developing a program that offers resource lending services, and skill development opportunities.  All responses are anonymous. Demographic information is only collected so that we may best identify and respond to community needs. Please use the following link to complete a short survey.

Thank you for your help with this initiative.  Please note the survey closes July 26.


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