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An Employee for Life- Richard’s Story

At first, we were a little protective of David, and treated him with kid gloves on, partly because this was new to us as well, even though it was really unnecessary. All David wanted it seemed was to be treated the same as everyone else, something so simple, yet in many instances in our community, such a daunting task.

David brings a smile to everyone’s face here when he walks through the door. He has made a difference here at WFS. There are a lot more David’s out there that can do the same.

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Teach & Play: Giving Children a Voice- Arielle’s Story

Childhood is a magical time when children’s imaginations run wild and they begin to create a social network. For families who have a child with a developmental disability, navigating their child’s way through the early stages of development can be daunting. Every family wants their child to be safe, have fun and fit in with others.

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From Mechanical Engineering to Social Services: John McVeigh: CLL Staff Member & Committee Volunteer

It started back in 1992. I was enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, and was fast becoming aware that I should NOT be enrolled in Mechanical Engineering.

I spoke with one of my professors for reassurance and he had some fantastic advice. Was it “You can do anything if you put your mind to it”? No – it was that if I did not quit in the next couple of weeks I would lose my 2nd semester tuition!

So I was now officially one of those kids who was “taking a year off” after high school. I had a part time job as a cook at the Keg and I loved it, but it wasn’t enough. I knew someone at the time who worked at Community Living London and I thought “why not”?

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Leisure Nights

At Community Living London we believe that all people of any age have the right to be and feel fully included in their community.

“Community Living London supports families with different needs but they all have one thing in common; they are all looking for ways to keep their children engaged and a part of their community.” Michele Iacobelli, Leisure Nights Coordinator.

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My Road to Independence- Alex’s Story

Hello, I am Alex. Just over a year ago, my family and I made some decisions and changes about how I would spend my day. When I first came to Ford Access, my staff utilized the resources of the Augmentative Communication room to set up a visual schedule for each day that I was here. This was a great help.

My life is ever changing!

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CLL Changed Our Lives- Deborah’s Story

I remember that first day when the bus to CLL’s Scatcherd Children’s Centre arrived at our house to pick up Cathie. I had a lot of questions for the bus driver- What route are you taking? How long will it take? How many children will be on the bus? The bus driver suggested maybe I just get on the bus. So I immediately jumped on and accompanied Cathie to her first day at CLL’s preschool. For me, Cathie and our entire family, this would be the beginning of a lifetime relationship with Community Living London.

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One Email Changed Our Lives Forever- Angela’s Story

When Ruby was a very little girl, we had the same visions of ballerinas, birthday parties and slumber parties that most new parents have when they bring a beautiful little girl into the world. By the time Ruby was 3 yrs. old our visions of tutus and squealing girls had turned into a reality of endless appointments, ABA, visual schedules and learning to speak in “first and then sentences”. Ruby’s diagnosis of Autism and eventually intellectual disability changed our whole outlook on raising this sweet girl and our entire family dynamics changed. Then one day, the email came about a program called Leisure Nights at Community Living London.

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My Son Tiberius-One Man, One Family, A Lifetime of Supports- John’s Story

In September of 2011, I attended a bi-annual Planning Meeting to discuss ideas to make Tye’s life as rewarding as possible. The chair began the meeting with this statement, “John, I think that we may have a placement for Tiberius, in one of our group homes.” I was shocked. I have always worried about me dying before Tye.

At first he hesitated – it wasn’t his home. When he saw me at the door, he slowly entered. After a few minutes, he came down the hallway and was astonished to see his belongings set up just like his bedroom at home. I held in my emotions until I hugged Tye goodbye. I cried all the way home. That night, Felipa called to tell me that Tye had eaten all his supper and was getting ready for bed.

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Those Brown Eyes Changed My Life- Kay Wigle: Volunteer/Board Member

In my career, I have seen many amazing changes. The closure of institutions, the integration of people with disabilities in daycare and schools, the growth of community alternatives, full-time employment and the advocacy movement for people with disabilities. CLL has always been on the forefront of positive change. They are committed to advocate for change for all people with disabilities.

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