Volunteers are the Foundation

Currently, Community Living London boasts over 200 volunteers, making a valuable contribution in every nook and cranny of our organization. Although this organization would survive without the help of these community-minded folk, it would look a lot different around here.

It was a small group of volunteers who got this organization off the ground over 60 years ago, and it’s a larger group that keeps it thriving today. Volunteers spend countless hours raising money and awareness, offering their expertise while sitting on the board and other committees, and most importantly – developing relationships with the people we support.

For someone with a developmental disability, it is often harder to meet new people and make new friends than it is for someone without a disability. That’s why volunteers are so important to the people supported by Community Living London. It is their opportunity to have a relationship with someone that is their own. It’s not a family member, and it’s not someone who is paid to be there. It’s a person who makes a choice and genuinely enjoys spending time with them.

To the volunteers who had made a contribution, we thank you. To the staff who have supported the relationships between people they support and a volunteer, we thank you. You have all inspired possibilities.