A Communication Tool that is Fun, and Easy to Use

The Visual Learning System created by the Augmentative & Alternative Communication Team at Community Living London, is effective for anyone who experiences barriers to communication and could benefit from the use of visual cues when communicating wants and needs.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication is a proven, method of learning for people with communication barriers. It supports existing language skills and enhances communication expansion.

The Kits Include:

  1. Food Resource Kit – allows you to work in collaboration with the Canadian Food Guide. Each section is colour coded, and pictures are transferrable from area to area and form to form
    • Great for menu planning,
    • Grocery shopping,
    • Making healthy food choices,
    • Food recognition.
  1. Personal Outcome Measures Kit – provides visuals cues for My Self, My World, and My Dreams, and covers all 21 outcomes. People select images that reflect their emotions, needs, and desires facilitating meaningful dialogue with support staff, family, friends and peers.
    • My Self,
    • My World,
    • My Dreams
  1. Social Sexual Safety Awareness Kit – is a curriculum based resource that uses visual cues to assist in the process of learning;
    • Emotions/Feelings, Appropriate/Inappropriate, Public/Private
    • Social Interactions/Friendships
    • Puberty, Body Awareness
    • Romantic Relationships and Dating, Marriage
    • Nutrition and Health, Hygiene
    • Sexuality, Sexual Activities, Sexual Abuse
    • Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • The Law and Moral Standards

With 350-500 picture symbols in each kit, you will be able to assist people to make informed choices. For more information, please contact Community Living London.

It’s Yours to Discover and Inspire!

Personal Outcomes Measures content used with permission of CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership-2014.
Symbols used with permission from Mayer Johnson LLC.