Image of Tara

Tara has Down syndrome which is a chromosomal disorder occurring in 1 out of 900 births in Canada. Children with Down syndrome often develop at a slower pace than other children and usually require continuing support as adults.

Tara first became connected with Community Living London when she was 20 years old and her family was going through a difficult time. Fortunately, Tara was able to take advantage of the many activities organized by Community Living London. Leisure activities such as dances, bowling, movie nights, dinners, and sporting events played an extremely important role in Tara’s ability to adapt and move forward.

Many of the donations Community Living London has received have helped to ensure recreation, lifelong learning and employment and training opportunities are available for these graduates.

Tara’s mom said, “It is hard for me to think of what our family would have done had we not connected with Community Living London. Connecting with Community Living London is one of the best choices we have made for Tara and our family.”

Tara’s story was published in the 2009 Donor Report.