Image of Ken

Life is full of ups and downs. The only thing constant in life is change itself. Many times, change can is a direct result of a difficult loss. While these moments can be challenging, it’s the support we receive from those around us that helps us get through the most difficult of times.

Ken MacKay is a gentleman with Down Syndrome who has been receiving supports from Community Living London for the past 36 years. Throughout his lifetime, Ken has dealt with many challenges, but the constant connection he’s had with Community Living London has helped him get through them.

While growing up, Ken’s father was in the Canadian armed forces. When his parents divorced, and his Dad had to move to Petawawa, approximately 30 years ago, it was decided that Ken would stay in London with his mother and brother.

Ken had such an active life in London – his friends, job and with the day programs he attended at Community Living London, it just didn’t make sense to uproot him. Ken has a great sense of humour, always likes to joke around and rarely passes up the opportunity to get on a microphone.

Ken has always been very proud of the money he earns from his weekly recycling and window washing at Community Living London’s main office and has always been an active participant in various recreational activities.

Kens story was published in the Spring Appeal 2011.