In response to the Coronavirus, on March 17th Community Living London closed all non-essential services, however the organization remains open and staff are still providing required support to people with disabilities in over 30 locations across the city. Direct Support Professionals have been working together creatively to ensure the people they support can stay active and have fun while practicing social distancing. Take a look at how people supported and our staff have been social distancing.

Lori Patterson is a Direct Support Professional who leads Community Living London’s Augmentative Communication program. Lori wanted to help people with disabilities understand the Corona-virus and ease anxiety around it. She created a social story using picture symbols to help staff explain to people supported the importance of social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to share the story she created, please click here to view the COVID-19 Social Story. If you are interested in accessing more Augmentative Communication resources please e-mail

Patti got crafty and created a tie dye scarf!! Great Job Patti!

Mark was the lucky fella who got to spin the BINGO numbers today!

Chris and Lorie are enjoying a beautiful day on their patio!

Sydney recently got a new Ipad! She has enjoyed listening to her favourite song, skinnamarink on her ipad.

Cathie’s favourite saying is, “hey what’s going on?”

No, Patrick and Joe did not call each other this morning to decide what to wear today!

Michelle dressed up for the occasion of watching Hello Dolly in her home theatre.

Ken had tons of fun painting rocks! He enjoyed it so much that once he ran out of rocks and began painting cardboard!

Tracy is getting creative and is painting a ceramic unicorn!

Brendan is ready for the warm weather, he even has on his favourite summer shirt!

Steve is enjoying his morning tea on his swing!

Social distancing is not easy but necessary. Bev and Tracy say hello and check in on each other from a distance!

Rob and his staff have been staying creative and discovering new activities to keep busy while physical distancing.

Joy and Dianne took advantage of the sun and went for a nice walk!

Adam has been taking the time to learn new recipes! He made chocolate pudding with strawberries!

Michelle has been taking advantage of the outdoors and has enjoyed feeding the ducks cracked corn!

Chef David is using his cooking skills and made a delicious homemade lasagna!

It is all about the simple things in life! Steve enjoyed his afternoon sitting under the sun and sipping his favourite beverage.

Happy Birthday Sue! Sue and her roomates celebrated responsibly, by ordering takeout and enjoying cake!

Jordan celebrated his 25th birthday during quarantine! His support staff threw him an awesome quarantine celebration! Happy Birthday Jordan, we hope you have a great year!

Doug has been passing the time by working on his puzzle. Congratulations on finishing!

Jocelyn has been making spring decorations to brighten up her home and to get ready for the warm weather!

Tyson is remaining active by playing basketball in his backyard!

Rachel is staying positive despite all non essential programs being closed! Rachel has been using this time to take up some new hobbies and she has become quite the artist.

For the past few weeks Community Living London has been hosting a weekly scavenger hunt; every day is a different theme! These roommates had fun participating in this past weeks scavenger hunt. Some of the themes included a spa day, baking day, and Easter themed day!

Jordan is spreading positivity through chalk art in is neighbourhood.

Our staff are the best! They created a Office themed bingo game for Jordan and Sarah to enjoy!

We have an amazing cast of volunteers! Last week, Claire brought her Clap with Claire class to the internet so no one would miss out! Thank you Claire for helping to keep the people we support connected to the community! Look at how much fun everyone had! If you would like to volunteer “virtually” contact

Joan was getting bored of playing the same old card games, so she decided to spice it up!

Our support staff helped these roommates to create creative cards, thanking their neighbours who baked them cookies.
Even though these past few weeks have been challenging, it is wonderful to see all the heart warming acts of kindness happening in our community. #TogetherWeAreStrong

To keep busy during Ken’s time at home he has taken up playing the ukulele!

Derek has been taking advantage of the warm weather and reading outside.

Chris and Patty have dug up some old games to keep themselves entertained while staying at home.

Tammy lighting up her home with art.

These ladies have been practicing chair yoga to help keep calm and stay active.

The ladies living in one of our residential homes decorated their front lawn with blue ribbons to show their support for front line workers. They also posted rainbows in the window to remind people that everything will be okay.

Happy 35th birthday David! David celebrated his birthday with a bubblegum birthday cake and a Tim Hortons coffee.

Jamie working away on his puzzle.

Julia has been taking advantage of the sunny days we have had with her sidekick Stella. Spring has finally arrived!

Calories don’t count during social distancing right? Jennifer and Brenda are baking cookies to enjoy as treats as the spend time at home!

James is enjoying a movie marathon with his roomates while they practise social distancing! Now is the time to get started on all the shows you’ve been wanting to watch

Dalton has been missing his volunteer job at the YFC Cafe Connect so he has  begun cooking for his roommates!

Being stuck inside on St. Patrick’s Day did not stop us from celebrating!

We have missed playing bingo all together at Community Living London, so the staff have organized an online agency wide bingo game!

This past weekend Branden helped deliver gloves to our locations. It is heartwarming to see everyone at Community Living London come together during the pandemic.

Happy Birthday Ron! Ron had the honour of spinning the BINGO numbers today!

Melissa just purchased a PS4 and was so excited that she built a fort where she can enjoy playing her new PS4 in!

Dalton was out rollerblading in his neighbourhood and catching some rays!

Ken is helping to water the garden!

We had another quarantine birthday. Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Kevin has spent some time baking some delicious gluten free cookies!

Steven and Heather have been loving the summer weather. They have been enjoying hanging out on their patio and taking in the sun!

Chris has been enjoying this heat wave on his backyard swing!

Enjoying the sunshine with a hike!

Derek loves cooking dinner for all his roommates! He learns his tricks from watching The Food Network every night!

Rainy days are perfect for baking!

We have another quarantine birthday! Happy 70th birthday Russell! Wishing you another year of happiness and health!

James has been avoiding the cold weather by snuggling up on his favourite chair and watching Youtube videos.

Derek has been staying active by playing badminton!

Brendan went on a nature walk at Mill Pond in Dorchester! Brendan has been doing a great job at social distancing and was excited to get out and enjoy the weather!

Chris is getting creative with his jenga blocks and is using them to play dominoes!

Jane, Debbie and Carla are enjoying the beautiful sunshine in their backyard.

Don’t forget to enjoy the nice weather! Kathy loves her backyard swing as it is the most perfect spot to enjoy the sun!

Joan is practicing her drumming skills! She loves celebrating Fridays with her Toca Drum!

Even during the snowy April days Mark is smiling away while baking cookies in the kitchen!

Mark was happy to receive a card from his friends.

These roommates participated in a Easter themed scavenger hunt.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario and Staples Canada for donating knapsacks full of school and craft supplies to our families.

Like many people during COVID-19, Natalie was laid off and she is trying to find new activities to keep herself occupied until she can return to work. Natalie has done a lot of baking and puzzles.

A few ladies supported by Community Living London made signs thanking their support workers . A huge thank you to all Direct Support Professionals for continuing to inspire possibilities for people with disabilities, especially during this pandemic.

Brendan has been practicing physical distancing while going for walks. He has been respecting other pedestrians by staying at least 2 meters away from them.

With the help from Peggy’s support staff she was able to Skype her sister. Like many people, Peggy misses the company of her family, but for the time being she is staying connected to loved ones through Skype.

Joe taking a break after cleaning his whole house.

Steve and Brad have been missing going to concerts lately. Being Kiss’s number one fan, they decided to put on their very own Kiss concert for their staff.

Jordan, Rob, and Tye have been busy decorating their home for Easter. They wanted to incorporate a thank you message in their decor to ALL essential service workers, including their wonderful support staff.

Since toilet paper has become a rare commodity, Ashley did not want the toilet tube to go to waste, so she has been busy making toilet tube creatures.

Cool Craft Alert!
Brendan and his support staff tie dyed eggs for Easter.

Easter is right around the corner. Being stuck inside has given Jordan, and his support worker Hattie, time to decorate for Easter.

Marion loves her bingo! She has been playing the virtual agency wide bingo game organized by the wonderful staff at Community Living London. Staying connected through virtual outlets is a wonderful way to socialize while still social distancing and protecting the community.

Brenda and Jennifer love fresh baked cookies! There is nothing better than the smell of baked goods.

Not only are our staff super awesome, but they are also very talented! Travis hosted a singalong to brighten the spirits of the people he supports.

Tyson and his staff practicing yoga together to stay active.

Peggy is baking her way to compete in Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars! Being stuck at home gives Peggy more time to practice her skills, at the moment she is cooking up a batch of delicious cookies.

Jordan’s staff worked together to make his 31st birthday special, despite being stuck indoors. Jordan loved the cupcakes and decorations!

Louisa and Tracy out for their daily walk.

Alyssa loves getting pampered! She pick out the colour herself!

Jamie is deep in a thought bubble.

Swinging through summer!

BJ, and his support staff Jessica started their day off with a social distance bike ride.

Joan is enjoying a self care day! She is out for a stroll showing off her fresh hair cut. Looking Great Joan!

Sarah enjoys going for walks on the path in her neighbourhood.

Ron was sad that he had not received any mail. Ron’s support staff reached out to her artist friend, asking them to make Ron an animal card. Ron’s favourite animal just happens to be a squirrel! They mailed Ron the card and he was delighted to receive the surprise.

Ala’s has been brushing up his cooking skills and made jalapeno hummus! It is a favourite in Ala’s home.

Rick is out for his first bike ride of the season!

Craig has a natural green thumb! His garden is flourishing with the beautiful sunshine.

We have another Quarantine birthday! Happy 40th Alex, we hope this is the best year yet!

John is getting ready to plant a garden in his backyard!

Kara is getting crafty and is decorating her walking stick.

Tammy completed a puzzle during social distancing and she is super happy and proud of the final product!

Happy Birthday Jen! Jen Celebrated her birthday with cake and a hike by the river.

Cathy has a sweet backyard set up! It is the perfect spot for paining and listening to her favourite tunes.

Sarah has been getting creative, she made adorable Pom Pom animals!

Kathy has been taking time for herself during isolation. Hot crossed buns is just one of the many delicious treats she has made!

Craig and his staff are enjoying a classic game of X’s and O’s!

Our amazing Direct Support Professionals created a custom Bingo Hall for these roommates!

Spring is usually the time to freshen up your wardrobe and go shopping. Since all the clothing stores are closed, these roommates got creative and decided to tie dye their old clothes.

Kyle has been loving the spring sun!

“Why not get dressed up for work?”

The holidays are usually a time spent with loved ones. This Easter was different, as many of us were unable to physically be with friends and family. Despite being unable to practice normal Easter traditions, our Direct Support Professionals wanted to make this holiday special for the people they support, by coming up with fun activities and crafts. Take a look at some of the ways we celebrated Easter.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–our volunteers are amazing! Lisa, a volunteer who recently began painting with Kathy wanted to see how Kathy’s latest work of art turned out. Since they couldn’t visit in person, Kathy showed her in an online meet up! Thank you Lisa for helping to keep Kathy connected while we stay home!

Kara and Bev enjoyed a visit from a furry friend!

The spa’s are closed, but that did not stop Jordan from having a self care day! Jordan and his staff did their own face masks.

Gerald is our first winner of Community Living London’s agency wide virtual BINGO Game.

Julia made appreciation signs to help spread positivity in her neighbourhood.

Roommates, Dylan and BJ have been keeping active by playing basketball in their yard. They even challenged their support staff to a game of soccer!

At Community Living London our staff have been working to keep the people supported connected to their loved ones during a time of physical distancing. Sandra’s Mom came to visit and continued their tradition of story time at a distance.

Bev and her roomates are catching up on some spring cleaning while listening to Bee Gees. We may not be able to go anywhere now but once we can, their car will be the shiniest one on the road!

Rick loves to enjoy the simple things in life! Going for a drive and seeing the beautiful scenery of the lake is a great way to comply with social distancing while also enjoying the beauty of the city we are protecting!

David and Alejandro are using their creative minds to build a town with building blocks today! Even during social distancing do not forget to exercise your brain.

One of our staff teams and the people they support are participating in a community wide scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt started on St Patrick’s Day; people coloured shamrocks and posted them in their windows so others going for walks could see how many shamrocks they could find. Communities all over have been extending this game and switching up what image they search for every couple days. People supported and the staff are having fun colouring and posting the pictures, as well as going for walks and looking for others.

Craig having a movie marathon.

Matthew wanted to thank our staff for all their hard work by helping to walk their dogs!

James and his roommates and enjoying a movie marathon!