Oral Health Total Health Sharing Smiles Day

For the 5th year in a row, Community Living London participated in Sharing Smiles Day!

Dental care is one of many unmet health needs for people we support. Stress and anxiety can make it very difficult for people to see the dentist, or receive proper oral health care. Furthermore some dentists find it challenging to provide a calm and comfortable setting due to their lack of interaction with people requiring support.

Sharing Smiles is a great opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with people with developmental disabilities and their oral health care. This initiative provides a forum that is meant to be informative and fun where barriers between people supported and dental students are eliminated. It is also a great opportunity for people we support to create and foster new relationships with upcoming dentists who may eventually provide their oral health care.

This FREE event is hosted by the dental students of Western University and Oral Health Total Health (OHTH). A record number of 110 people participated in the event. This is made possible through the fundraising efforts of Western dental students and OHTH.

Michelle Palmer was invited to speak on behalf of Community Living London where she thanked the many students and doctors who were in attendance for the event and commending everyone on their continued support and commitment to this wonderful initiative. We look forward to working with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry again next year!