Welcome to Community Access Services

We link people who have a developmental disability to meaningful leisure, recreation, practical learning and volunteer opportunities, creating a schedule of daily activities that is as unique as each person.

Community Access Centers

Community Living London has a variety of Access Centres located across the city which provide supports to adults with developmental disabilities.  People participate in meaningful activities, while meeting new friends and developing practical skills.

  • Adelaide Access Program: Adelaide Access provides adults with fun filled activities and outings.
  • The Hub: The Centre of Innovation and Learning is our newest access centre. The Hub  provides a wide variety of opportunities ranging from sports and crafts to cooking classes!
  • Ford Access Program: Ford is truly a remarkable place with a variety of sensory and learning rooms. Ford has a wet and dry Snoezelen room, Augmentative Communication room, a woodworking area, outdoor space, along with activity spaces, a kitchen and lounge areas.

Resources & Activities Available to Adults with Developmental Disabilities

At Community Living London we have several supports and services available to adults with a disability that do not require you access them through the Development Service Ontario process.

  • Augmentative Communication
  • Leisure Connection
  • Adult Resource Library
  • Snoezelen
  • Supported Volunteerism
  • Employment Services

For more information and programs available to adults with a developmental disability please call 519-686-3000!

Benefits of Community Access Services

  • Become more involved in the community
  • Gain new practical skills
  • Foster new friendships
  • Develop a sense of purpose

Fee for Service

If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services contact Community Living London’s Fee For Service Supervisor at 519-686-3000 ext. 396 or info@cll.on.ca

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