Linking Children & Families to Supports & Resources They Need

Child, Youth & Transitional Services links children, youth and their families to a wide variety of services, supports and resources. Supports range from skill development and camp, to respite care and family support.

What Are Child, Youth & Transitional Services?

Community Living London has many resources and services to help support youth who have a developmental disability and their families.

Just some of the supports Child, Youth & Transitional Services can connect you with:

Who Is It For?

Children and youth with a developmental disability who are under 18 years of age.

What Services are Available?

Some services are provided directly by Community Living London. Contact information is listed after each service.

  • Family Support

    Family Support is an excellent resource for families who have a child with a developmental disability. Our Family Support Workers answer questions and help families with concerns about education, funding sources, future planning, parenting programs, support groups, respite programs and community supports. Learn More

    Contact Family Support at 519-686-3000

  • Teach and Play

    In collaboration with Childreach, Teach and Play is a toy lending library that offers over 1,000 toys and resources. Our goal is to support children and their families by facilitating the development of skills through interaction and play. Learn More

    Contact the Teach and Play Coordinator at 519-434-3644 ext. 17

  • Respite Services

    Respite Services offers temporary respite to caregivers by providing care for children and adults with a developmental disability. Community Living London offers Weekend Respite, Extended Respite and Adult Retreat. Learn More

    Contact Respite Services at 519-686-3000

  • Leisure Nights

    Youth, who have autism or are in the autism spectrum, aged 11 to 17 have the opportunity to have fun and socialize in a safe, supportive environment. The small, intimate groups are facilitated by staff specifically trained to support youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.). The program operates weekly on Thursday evenings for the 11-17 year age range and every other Monday evening for the 7-11 year age range. Learn More

  • Social Sexual Safety Awareness Training

    They are classes for people with a developmental disability to learn about healthy sexuality in a safe and supportive environment. Courses are $15 per class (hour), and offered on a short or long term basis to meet the needs of each person. Learn More

  • F.Y.I.

    Facilitating Youth Independence (F.Y.I.) connects youth exiting high school to activities and support in the community. Independent community involvement is the goal.Learn More

Fee for Service

If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services contact Community Living London’s Community Services Manager at 519-686-3000 ext. 333 or

For More Information

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