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New Vision Advocates


The New Vision Advocates is a self-advocates group made up of people who have developmental disabilities who advocate for equal citizenship, acceptance and belonging in the community. To access NVA’s Resource Guide click here.


190 Adelaide St S, London ON.

Contact: Become Apart of  the Change

Interested in booking a speaker or learning more about New Vision Advocates? Contact Vicky Pearson at: or call 519 686 3000 ext. 379

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New Vision Advocates Mission

The New Vision Advocates work to build a voice and presence in the community for people who have developmental disabilities. People with developmental disabilities should have the same rights as everyone else; a strong community is an inclusive community.

New Vision Advocates work to accomplish their goal through:

  • Speaking engagements.
  • Addressing advocacy issues at the Municipal and Provincial levels of government.
  • Being members of the Board at Community Living London and working closely with the Council of Community Living Ontario.
  • Attending advocacy conferences.

Looking for a Speaker or Workshop idea?

New Vision Advocates offers speakers and workshops to help inform the public and professional groups about issues that affect people with disabilities and about the importance of inclusion for ALL people in our communities. The presentations are tailored to meet YOUR group’s interests and needs.

Topics may include:
• We are all the same
• Respectful supports
• The Power of Words and Labels
• Rights and Responsibilities
• How to advocate

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