Planning is a process where a person with a disability and or their family asks for help to plan for a positive future. The person and or family meets with a facilitator and works together to develop a customized plan. There is no ‘prescription’ for the plan. It is personalized, unique and linked to action.

When do people plan?

Planning is a way for people to use their ‘voice’. When people are dependent on services, they get used to people making decisions for them. Planning can be a process for people to gain confidence and experience in making choices and directing their own lives.

Why do people plan?

During a cross-roads or time of transition such as a young person leaving school or someone moving to a new home. When someone is experiencing a crisis in their life. When someone is wanting a change in their life such as a new job or house-mate. When someone wants to connect to new friends and activities. When someone wants others to listen to them and hear their choices and wishes.

Who do we serve?

Anyone in London Middlsex and area with a developmental disability who wants to participate in planning. Families may ask on behalf of their family member if she/he is unable to make the request. We can help people outside of our area find a facilitator near them.

If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services contact Community Living London’s Fee For Service Supervisor at 519-686-3000 ext. 396 or

Person Centered Planning Key Features:

  • Focus on each person’s strengths, interests and preferences
  • Focus on capacities and opportunities
  • The process is flexible, dynamic and informal
  • Requires collaborative team work with commitment to action
  • Requires an effective facilitator
  • Family and connections to the community are important

Comprehensive Plan – one time plan

A person centred planning facilitator will assist you to create a comprehensive plan that identifies your vision and goals for the future. Upon completion of the plan you will receive a document that contains detailed information about you and your future, based on your personal goals and outcomes.

PATH – one time plan

Selecting to complete a PATH is another option in identifying your vision and goals for the future. By completing a PATH you will begin the process of identifying what your future can look like, and then break down those goals and your personal plan into manageable steps attached to specific timelines.  A pictorial of your PATH assists you to truly visualize what the future could be.

Case Management – ongoing oversight of person’s plan – consultation

Selecting Case Management is having a staff dedicated to assist with the ongoing oversight of a plan and provide ongoing consultation. It is being engaged in planning meetings, coordination of supports and liaising with professionals as needed interfacing with families and seeing a plan through.