Community Living London hires highly qualified and experienced staff who are recruited through a rigorous assessment process. Every effort is made to effectively match each person's interests and needs.

  • Never Worry About Hiring Staff

  • Meaningful Community Involvement

  • Develop Friendships

  • Learn, Grow and Explore

  • Increase Independence

  • Experienced Staff & Quality Service Options

If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services contact Community Living London’s Fee For Service Supervisor at 519-686-3000 ext. 396 or

  • Adult Resource Lending Library

    Adult Resource Lending Library

    Access an inventory of toys and resources to expand abilities and interests through play-based learning.

  • Access a variety of alternative communication tools for people who experience barriers to communication

  • Combinations of sensory tools and equipment are used to address physical and emotional barriers

  • Planning Services

    Planning Services

    Assist to develop goals, connect to community resources and to create person directed plans

  • Qualified staff are matched with people to provide support in their homes or in the community

  • Meet people with similar interests in a variety of activities and special interest classes

  • Public Transit Training

    Public Transit Training

    Learn how to get around London on the public bus system

  • Social Sexual Safety Awareness Education

    Social Sexual Safety Awareness Education

    To assist in understanding healthy sexuality and social interactions

  • Classes, hands on skill development opportunities, and time limited work experience

  • People who are employment ready are assisted with every aspect of finding, securing and maintaining employment

  • Youth will develop skills to independently access the community

  • Educational Classes

    Educational Classes

    Skill development opportunities to increase independence

  • Increase independence while providing respite to families and care providers

  • Planning is a process where a person with a disability and or their family asks for help to plan for a positive future.