Disability Employment Awareness Month

Wednesday October 25th, 2017 Community Living London (CLL) and the London Business Community came together at Wink’s Eatery to recognize, celebrate and increase awareness for Inclusive Employment.

In partnership with Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN), CLL championed local employers and the benefits of hiring people with a disability.  This powerful message was successfully accomplished during the month of October – Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM).

The successful relationship of our employers and employees was justly celebrated at this lively and fun lunch event.  The event was well attended and demonstrated London’s diverse community of business owners, local media and government representatives.  In an informal atmosphere, business owners had the opportunity to share testimonials of the positive impact to their businesses as a result of hiring a person with a disability.   Dennis Winkler, a long term provincial champion recognized by ODEN shared his vast experience, and promoted this hiring practice for businesses.

The overall success of the event had a direct correlation to the generosity shown by Wink’s Eatery and Adam and Dennis Winkler.  Centrally located in the downtown core of London, the restaurant itself was the ideal location for this event. Combining this with great food, exceptional customer service and a platform to showcase their own investment into employees with disabilities was refreshing and appreciated.