David Hill is well known at Community Living London as a member of our New Vision Advocates, for his involvement in Special Olympics, and as a member of Community Living London’s board of directors. In addition to his work with CLL, David also works for WFS (Windsor Factory Supply) and in January, he will celebrate his ten year anniversary with them. David is also a proud graduate of Fanshawe College in London, where he earned his diploma in General Arts and Sciences. David has had an academic and professional journey that led him to CLL.

In 2006, David took a gap year to gure out his next step and during that time he volunteered at the YMCA downtown, which hereallyenjoyed. AfewfamilymemberswhoworkedasPSW’s encouraged him to apply to the PSW program at Fanshawe College. David successfully applied but decided the program wasn’t the right t. He did enjoy college and decided he would be better in the General Arts and Sciences program, as he enjoyed school so much.

David really enjoyed the diverse education he was getting and took courses in psychology, sociology, music, and a business course as an elective. David’s favourite course was

psychology; he really enjoyed studying the brain and learning how it works, how people’s background can aect their personality, as well as to have greater insight into the complexity of how people behave. He found that psychology was fascinating because it helped him understand himself and his circumstances, and how everyone has a background story.

When David nished college he began looking for a job and one of his career counselors suggested he become involved with Community Living London. David enrolled in a training program through CLL to prepare for work and aer four months David was hired at WFS and has been employed by them ever since.

David mentions that when he rst enrolled in school he was very shy and how he had the opportunity to accept a job as a clown but while he was interested, he felt too shy. When he graduated, he wanted to attend the ceremony but was too nervous to be around large crowds. Over time, David’s experiences made him condent in himself and his abilities. When reflecting on the past he noted that had anything worked out dierently he would be in a dierent place and likely not as happy as he is now. Throughout his journey David was seeking his purpose in life and is thrilled that he has found it in his opportunities to help others.