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190 Adelaide St. S
London, Ontario, Canada
N5Z 3L1
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Contact Information for Management

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.330

Cell Number:519-670-6504 (After Hours)

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.360

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.331


Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.345

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.364

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.333

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.340

Cell Number:519-280-9244 (for Media Enquiries) (After Hours)

Community Living London is committed to conducting its operations in a manner consistent with the organization’s vision, mission, principles, beliefs and goals. Subsequently, CLL is committed to resolving any issue, concern or complaint in a professional, objective and timely manner. If you have a concern, or would like to learn more about Community Living London’s complaint/concern policy please visit the links below.

Response to Complaints and Concerns Policy

Complaints and Concerns Form