General Inquiries

190 Adelaide St. S
London, Ontario, Canada
N5Z 3L1
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Contact Information for Management

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.330

Cell Number:519-670-6504 (After Hours)

Phone Number:519-907-2874 ext.2280

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.331

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.345

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.364

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.333

Phone Number:519-686-3000 ext.340

Cell Number:519-280-9244 (for Media Enquiries) (After Hours)

Community Living London treats personal information that is collected for the purpose of providing quality supports in a confidential and secure manner, following established policies and procedures. Please contact one of the management representatives listed above if more information is required.

Community Living London is committed to conducting its operations in a manner consistent with the organization’s vision, mission, principles, beliefs and goals. Subsequently, CLL is committed to resolving any issue, concern or complaint in a professional, objective and timely manner. If you have a concern, or would like to learn more about Community Living London’s complaint/concern policy please visit the links below.

Response to Complaints and Concerns Policy

Complaints and Concerns Form