Cathy Stevens is a vibrant and charming member of the community that we support. In the past, Cathy, although very independent, was hindered by some barriers in the community. However, with some assistance from support sta, Debra, she has a greater level of independence. This has resulted in Cathy enjoying more opportunities to experience places and activities that she is interested in.

There were many parts of the city of London that Cathy had never seen, and she had not been outside of the city limits in years. She has been open to exploring more of the community including activities such as a lunch in Port Stanley and a walk on the peer, a day trip to Sparta, and having lunch in St. Thomas. Together with Debra, Cathy went on a day trip to Toronto to see the musical “Cats” and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful city. Toronto is a busy city and Cathy handled everything really well. She was comfortable with the crowds of people and she seemed ne with being in an unfamiliar place. She was very relaxed, knowing her support was right beside her and wouldn’t leave her side. Cathy was so amazed by the music and the costumes that she saw at the show that she actually wore herself out and fell asleep during part of the performance.

Cathy and her support staff have enjoyed many paint nights so much that Cathy has developed a strong connection with her teacher. Her favourite activity lately has been taking a ceramics class, and she also enjoys a variety of other art projects involving anything from cats to churches. She has also developed a special bond with some of the ladies ather regular Wednesday class. She now goes to the ceramics class without support sta and is able to participate fully in this class on her own. She has developed greater self confidence and a sense of pride. Cathy has enjoyed these experiences, and now she can’t wait to see where the next adventure will be.